About Me

Tory Adderley


Currently studying at the University of Arkansas, Iā€™m always eager to engage in exciting projects. I have a passion for software and using it to solve interesting problems. If you would like to build something together, get in touch!


University of Arkansas

Software Developer Intern (July 2019 - Current)
  • Making it easier for teachers to find great jobs and for Arkansas school districts to hire great teachers by developing an online job searching and job posting website (ARteachers.org) using React, Redux, Express.js and Google Firebase.
  • Engine Ecommerce

    Software Engineering Intern (Jan 2019 ā€“ July 2019)
  • Improved marketing team productivity by creating a web application to automate internal tasks and scale operations for the purpose of acquiring more customers.
  • Contributed to a marketing campaign by developing a web scraping application to extract market data that was used to better advertise the Engine eCommerce platform to customers.
  • McMillon Innovation Studio

    Software Developer Intern (Nov 2017 ā€“ May 2018)
  • Worked under contract for NCR Corporation to build prototype applications using C++, Python and OpenCV. Worked on problems faced by retail stores globally.
  • Developed efficient ways of detecting and retrieving data from checks via live video feed that could be implemented into existing software platforms and increase functionality.
  • Achievements

    Blockchain Hackathon

    2nd Place (October 2017)
  • Used blockchain technology to address a business use-case challenge. Developed a business solution and proof of concept application that aimed to improve supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction using the Hyperledger Fabric.
  • McMillon Entrepreneural Contest

    Finalist (August 2017 - December 2017)
  • Worked on a multidisciplinary team to build a data analysis start-up company that would provide software solutions to increase sales of consumer goods for small to medium-sized retail companies, by providing personalized predictive analysis.